Sartoretto Verna™ presents PHARMACY ANALYTICS™, – a new technology that will allow you to analyze customer needs and multiply your profits.


We are at the beginning of a NEW CHAPTER for pharmacies, Sartoretto Verna™ presents its exclusive new product:






Getting to know the numbers, having access to data about your market, means being able to create winning strategies, with as few errors as possible! This gives you a great competitive advantage over those who play it by ear.


The beginning of the MEASURABLE PHARMACY era .


Thanks to PHARMACY ANALYTICS™ you can get to know your customers better, moreover, you can find customers who aren’t coming in to your pharmacy get them to come in and buy!


You cannot lead your business on instinct. No matter how vast, experience on the field is no longer enough to guarantee your business’ future.


Until today, the only data we had on clients was strictly related to sales, and was provided through market research. Yet knowing what the competition is selling and at what price (on average), is not enough to guide you… if you want to keep your existing customers, you’ll have to:


● Anticipate their needs
● Launch new strategies to attract them
● Constantly analyze and perfect new solutions


Market research isn’t enough. For example:

“In the shopping hall at Rome’s Termini train station, the people in an important health store chain thought that on average 25,000 people walked past the shop window each day. But that was what they “thought”, it was actually 13,000”.


Maybe you’re thinking: “I already know who comes into my pharmacy!” … and I don’t doubt that, but what I’m asking you is: do you know who doesn’t come in? Have you tried different ways of getting them to come in?


By how much could you multiply your business if you had the right information, if you had answers based on scientific fact, realistic numbers, long before your competitors?


With this tool, they improved their offers every day…and sales increased!


“It’s been about 3 years”, says Luca Sartoretto Verna, AD a “that I have been meeting with the major companies who develop these technologies. I have thought long and hard about the best analytics system for customer behaviour in the pharmacy.


Today we are finally ready to present PHARMACY ANALYTICS™​, the first system in the world that analyzes customer behaviour and needs in the pharmacy. Two pharmacies in Italy are already using it.”


Pharmacies deal exclusively in direct sales (i.e. they sell only to people who walk through the shop door), and today they can exponentially increase those entries and their profits thanks to these new technologies.


Measuring actions should be every pharmacists’ priority. Today you have the chance to test out your theories and make the right decisions based on hard results. (you can also do A/B testing​: trying two things, measuring and comparing the results, and deciding on which one to pursue).


The system which is economically accessible, includes the purchase of specific hardware (cameras and wifi sensors), as well as a monthly subscription to the software cloud.


PHARMACY ANALYTICS™ doesn’t require complex installation and is accessible from almost any computer or smartphone.


  • Pharmacy Analytics™ will be available in Sartoretto Verna showroom from the 16th of July 2017. Would you like to reserve your appointment?  
  • Pharmacy Analytics™ is already used in some pharmacies in Italy.  Would you like to know in which ones?
  • Pharmacy Analytics™ boasts a lot of innovative features to discover.Would you like to know more details?
  • Pharmacy Analytics™ is easy to install and suitable for all the pharmacies. Fill in the form right now! 


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